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So I decided to make these two images to compare your typical Hamas rocket strike in Israel, to your typical Israeli missile strike in Gaza

The first is of a Hamas rocket exploding in Israel. No damage, no shockwave, tons of smoke, and that’s it. This is because Hamas rockets do not even contain a warhead, and in order to sustain any sort of damage or injury, you must basically be hit DEAD on.

The second is of an Israeli airstrike decimating a home in the Gaza strip.

The IDF claim that Hamas has launched around 800 rockets into Israel, with about 20% of them being intercepted by their Iron Dome missile defense system. They also claim that they have launched strikes on over 1000 targets in the Gaza Strip.

800 Hamas rockets - ~200 intercepted, leaves us with 600 rocket attacks on Israel, attacks carried out using mortars like those seen above.

Compare that to 1000 strikes launched by the IDF carried out using missiles like those seen above.

It doesn’t matter how “kind” the IDF is in warning Gazans to “flee” or to “seek shelter”, Israeli missiles will simply decimate anything and everything they come into contact with, and there is no place to hide.

To all my followers,


I’m asking a bit of a favor. I know you aren’t aware of what is going on in my life or the life of my family’s, and for personal reasons I will not explain it. All I can say is we need help. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, atheist, Hindu, it does not matter to me. Please pray or send good vibes towards myself and my family in these next 24 hours. Bottom line is I need hope, and justice. All thoughts are appreciated more than I could ever explain.

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