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If one of you desires to seek from Allāh [عز وجل] something [ a Hajāh] and you want it so that you will get it when you ask Him. To do so, one has to sever himself from all relations of the Dunyāh and must only turn to Allah [عز وجل]. If Allah [عز وجل] witnesses this from his slave then he will provide to him anything he requests. Therefore, make sure to judge yourselves before you are judged. For when the Day of Judgment arrives, for each station [of judgment] is like that of a thousand years of your current life.

Abu `Abdullah Ja`far b. Muhammad Al-Sādiq [عليه السلام]

Amāli al-Shaykh al-Mufid, Majlis Thirty Three, H.1, Print: 2010 Ed, Beirut, Lebanon

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(Source: khadimahulubayt)

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